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According to the latest nation Crime Report, you are now less likely to be a victim of crime, as the numbers of reported crimes continues to fall. If the figures paint an accurate picture of the nation, then home owners are as secure now as they were in the 1980s. Unfortunately, these reported crime figures don’t sit comfortably with people’s perceptions of crime. The statistics pay no heed to large mass of low-level crime that goes unreported. Is it any wonder that many of us feel deep down that crime is increasing when we constantly read about burglaries and forced entries in the newspapers?

Obviously, we’re all aware that prevention is better than cure, and that it’s in our interest to take whatever measures we can to make our homes as secure as possible. It’s much better to prevent a burglary, than live with the consequences of some stranger unlawfully entering your property and stealing your prized possessions. That’s all well and good, but the problem is, which is the best method of crime prevention? Which security devices are the most effective? Should we install a burglar alarm, rather than a 5 lever mortice lock, or should we pin all our hopes on CCTV cameras, rather than securing our doors and windows? To have the choices is great, but sometimes there can be too many choices, and we’re left wondering what to do for the best. Well, there’s now a simple and cost-effective solution to burglary and forced entry – the Secure-Ring home security door chain and door restrictor. Endorsed by the Association of Chief Police Officers, and exclusively marketed by, the Secure-Ring is the only home security device on the market to have passed the rigorous Secured by Design (SBD) standard.

Secure-Ring- the UK’s number 1 home security door chain and restrictor device

Secure-Ring security door chain and door restrictor

The Secure-Ring is a unique security door chain that has been designed to reduce forced door entry. Made from solid steel to provide maximum strength and protection, the Secure-Ring provides total peace of mind for the whole family. The Secure-Ring is simple to install and easy to use, making it particularly suitable for the elderly, infirm or vulnerable. It’s ring-coloured in accordance with the Royal Institute for the Blind recommendations. The Secure-Ring combines a steel door restrictor with a chain, and a ring that slips over the door handle.

The Secure-Ring security door chain has been specifically designed with domestic uPVC and composite doors in mind. It fits directly to the wall, rather than the door frame, for added strength, and therefore doesn’t affect any uPVC-manufacturer warranty. The Secure-Ring has passed the SDB ‘wrecking ball test’ which subjects security devices to the repeated force of a 30kg steel ball over a prolonged period: that’s almost twice the weight of a police battering ram.

There has already been a significant demand for the Secure-Ring security door chain and door restrictor from Local Authorities, Housing Associations and Police forces. We’re pleased to say it’s now available to the public. Retailing at a mere £19.99, the Secure-Ring is the most effective and resilient security door chain on the market today.

If you want to protect your home from intruders, then the Secure-Ring should be your product of choice. It’s cost-effective, unique and brilliantly simple, yet it’s been proven to provide the ultimate door restriction protection.

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Secure-Ring – the only security door chain and door restrictor device with worldwide accreditation